Technical Specification

S.T.A.M.P. Plus


Imperatives for fabricating and specifying hose/ hose assemblies



S ize:             I.D.(Inside Diameter) of the hose, O.D. (Outside Diameter) of the hose and overall length of the hose assembly



T emperature: Temperature range of the media (Product) that is flowing through the assembly and the temperature range of

                      the environment that surrounds the hose assembly.


A pplication:   Specify whether it is for pressure application, vacuum (suction) application, gravity flow application or any

                     special requirements that the hose assembly is expected to perform.


M edia:          The media/ material that is flowing through the hose assembly. (Abrasive materials. Chemical compatibility,



P ressure:       Maximum pressure including surges (or, maximum vacuum) that the hose assembly will be subjected in



P lus:             End fitting type (straight, elbow 90*, etc…) Style (BSP, JIC, SAE, etc…) and Size (inches/mm)